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Which Dance Studio Persona Are You?

If you’ve ever stepped foot in a dance studio before, you’ve probably been greeted by an array of different personalities. As you become an increasingly seasoned dancer, the various characteristics you portray become clearer to those around you. In one way or another, we all contribute to the spirit of the dance studio to keep its heart beating. Read on to learn about 6 unique personas you meet in the studio, and see if you recognise any of your peers - or even yourself!

1. The Conscientious Clarifier

You’re always 20 minutes early so that you can get those stretches in before the official warm-up starts. Organised is your middle name and it shows - there are no loose hairs dangling over your face, you have a colour-coded dance timetable and you never forget your shoes. You’re not afraid to ask questions when something is unclear, and you’re secretly proud to consider yourself a little bit of a dance nerd. You’re more interested in dance theory than you’d admit to your friends, but you are more than happy to share your notes (don’t pretend like you don’t keep a diligently maintained dance journal) with your peers. With you around, everyone learns a little more!

2. The Knowledgeable Pirate

You’re the one who watches the most number of dance competition and choreography videos, so it comes as no surprise that you keep yourself up to date on all recent global rankings. You love experimenting with different styles and techniques, seek wisdom from diverse sources. Despite this, you don’t feel compelled to critique on everyone else’s dancing, unless they seek out your opinion. You’re approachable and entertaining; likely the studio equivalent of a class comedian. This, of course, makes it easier for your coaches to close an eye when they catch you stealing the music they’ve painstakingly purchased. As a result, you could identify the name of any piece of Latin music… even in your sleep. With you around, nobody needs to worry about a DJ during rounds!

3. The Stamina Junkie

You love the adrenaline, the feeling of your heart pounding against your chest. Training just doesn’t feel complete without a challenging series of rounds - the more the merrier! While everybody else may gasp in horror when your coach orders a power round, with a jive in between every individual dance, you try to hide your smile instead. You’re likely a fitness fanatic who loves to visit the gym to augment your dance training. When you’re in charge of music, you choose longer tracks, just to push yourself to the limit. After every lesson, you like to cool down with some planks, push-ups or leg raises. With you around, everyone feels motivated to live up to the maxim - mind over matter!

4. The Introverted Observer

You may be a freshman, or simply one of the quieter souls in the studio. You may not feel obliged to ask questions in class, but you possess excellent observation skills and learn best by watching the masters at work. If you really do have a burning question, you’re more likely to ask your coach directly, or a trusted senior. Dance is most likely a safe space for you; an opportunity for the release and expression that you rarely indulge in otherwise. You’re no stranger to surprising remarks from people who “never thought you could dance like that!” because everybody thinks you’re merely a reserved rookie. You may prefer to practice in the corner of the studio with a small length of the mirror to yourself, and you probably rely on floor craft heavily to avoid inconveniencing other couples at all costs. With you around, everyone is gently reminded that at the end of the day, actions speak louder than words.

5. The Stylish Fashionista

You believe that dance is the epitome of expression. That’s why you make it a point to enter the studio donning the best of what dance fashion has to offer. You have an entire collection of tops, leotards, belts, skirts and/or pants, with more than just one pair of sparkly shoes. Looking the part goes a long way in allowing you to project your best self when you dance, so in reality, the great outfits are just part of showing up as the best dancer you can be. You’re the go-to stylist for younger dancers, with loads of fashion tips and tricks up your sleeve. Even on the occasional days when you embrace the casual sweatpants look, you exude confidence and let your accentuated silhouette highlight the best parts of your dancing. With you around, everybody learns that a little fabulousness 'never hurt nobody', because feeling comfortable and confident is half the dance battle won!

6. The Ancient Alumnus

You’re a familiar face to everybody at the studio, which by now has become a place that feels like a second home. Although you’ve lost count of the number of years it’s been since you started dancing, you still have a treasure trove filled with memories of countless competitions, peculiar performances and standard studio shenanigans. It warms your heart to see the new blood of the studio, who remind you of your humble beginnings as well. You acknowledge that it will take the newbies years, as it took you too, to truly grasp the techniques that you employ now. Though you agree that it is ultimately the coaches’ place to groom them, you are readily available when any younger dancers ask you for specific advice. You’ve come to modestly appreciate the looks of admiration you receive during rounds and competitions, for you realise there’s yet a long way to go. With you around, everybody realises that all their effort and dedication will pay off one day.

How did you fare? Do you see yourself described on point, or are you a combination of different personalities? Either way, know that you are a valuable part of your dance family, for everyone brings a different flavour to the mix. So keep dancing and lighting up the studio in your own way!

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