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Big huge gigantic thank you to Sharon!! It was such a wonderful experience. Thank you for helping to convince 'le unromantic' husband and for taking the time to understand our background and preferences. Personalising our first dance routine to our strengths. so it ain't no cookie-cutter routine. We're so glad and honoured to call this dance ours.

You guys went out of your way and time to help us fine-tune the details, even with our wardrobe malfunction (wedding gown woes). Dedicating extra time to ensure we feel confident for our big day! 

The performance turned out to be great, our guests were in awe, cheers were heard and encore demanded! We could not have done it without you. Thank you once again for helping to make my wish for a romantic wedding come true...

- Chloe & ERKEE  

Richard and I wanted a different first dance, something one-of-a-kind that people would watch and not forget easily. We showed Melvin many dance videos and the kind of vibe we wanted for the performance. It had to be engaging for all ages, and Melvin thought of a brilliant idea for the entrance, choreographing a jive routine for it. He also provided practical suggestions, highlighting the details to look out for in our costumes, the staging and polishing our dance moves. 


Scheduling group rehearsals are not easy; we want to thank Melvin for allowing us to do full rehearsals in the studio so we can make sure everything was polished and perfected till the very end.


If you are contemplating if you should do a first dance on your big day? We say ‘Do it!’, it is totally worth the time and money! We, as well as our guests, enjoyed ourselves. These are definitely memories that will last for a lifetime!

WouldN't IT be great to wow your guests?

The DanceSport Academy presents to you our comprehensive first dance program to ensure that you will have the perfect dance for your once-in-a-life moment!

The concept of a couple's "First Dance" has long been a wedding tradition for many. We have the ability to understand individual couples and their needs for that special day. These are some of the perks you can expect:​

  • Detailed Consultation for thematic choreography and audience experience

  • Bespoke training plan based on dancing abilities

  • Instructors come with relevant experience of a Professional DanceSport background

  • Song Editing provided to create maximum impact

  • Flexible Timing for Lessons

  • Private Sessions With Instructors

  • Free Access to Studio Space for Practice

  • Proven track record - see results in just 4 sessions!

Melvin was very professional and accommodating when my husband and I reached out last minute for a dance routine.


Classes were fun and highly engaging. My husband had close to zero dance experience but we were able to pull off a routine in less than 10 lessons!


They provided us with full support from helping us pick the perfect songs for our dance right down to location. Every detail was checked to make sure that our dance would be highly engaging to our guests.


Thank you for making our dance the highlight of the wedding and for helping us create a memory we can look back on in years to come!


We cannot thank Melvin and Sharon enough for al that they did towards creating our masterpiece of a first dance for our wedding in July 2019.


Their passion, patience and perfect choreography led to this incredibly creative, exciting and highly memorable first dance, not only for us but for our wedding guests as well.


Over the year it took to learn and master the routine, it’s fair to say that there were plenty of highs and a few lows too but there are no better dance teachers that we know of that could support, educate and encourage us to keep dancing. Even when things don’t quite go to plan on the day!


Whether you’ve been dancing all your life or whether you think you can’t dance, Melvin and Sharon will make you into the dancers you want to be.

- Tom & ANnie 



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