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Long recognised for its specialised training in Latin and classical ballroom, tda (The DanceSport Academy) is one of the highly regarded dance companies in Singapore. With an extensive repertoire, the company provides students with a progressive learning environment combined with unparalleled focus and rigour. 


Under the direction of National Dancesport Champions Melvin and Sharon, tda has become a distinct institution of artistic opportunities. The studio is a dynamic hub for learning art and fitness.


Through their clear commitment to providing professional DanceSport training, Melvin and Sharon have emerged as the chosen Dance Coaches for Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Singapore Polytechnic, Singapore Institute of Management, Singapore American School & Victoria Junior College.


It is tda's mission to provide a conducive, positive and dynamic learning hub through ballroom dancing in a fun-loving and stress-free environment.


Our vision is to be the people’s choice for our art of dance and sport learning in Asia. We envision a new generation of Dancesport Champions, discovering the spirit and richness of ballroom dancing to carry into their full, diverse lives.


We are committed to delivering life-enriching education and outreach programs to all levels of artistic experience through CCA (co-curricular activities) workshops, dance showcases and demonstrations.

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Active Hours: 10am to 11pm daily (excluding Public Holidays)

34 Amber Road, Singapore 439870 (3rd Floor)

+65 6440 3303


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