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in the ballroom 

freely dance



Whether it's social or pro...

Let tda introduce the soul of Latin-American and Classical ballroom dance with a fundamental understanding of artistic technique. We focus on coordination, posture and movement in a class built to impart discipline and proper group etiquette for students to progress level-by-level.

Beginner's Latin
1 hr
With no partner work involved, plunge into an atmosphere where showmanship, flexibility and attitude reign over the dance floor. Break-free from your inhibitions and let ...
Beginner's Solo Latin
1 hr

UNleash the dancer in you

An alternative to traditional exercise, keep healthy by enhancing flexibility, promoting cardiovascular endurance, increasing energy and promoting a sense of well-being.

Perfect for friends or partners who want to learn how to dance for dinner and dance events. Let loose and still groove with grace in our beginners' social ballroom classe...
Social Dance (Bachata)
1 hr
With plenty of knee-lifting, bending, and rocking of the hips - Jive is the fastest of the Latin dances, it incorporates lots of kicks and flicks, even twirling of the wo...
Beginner's Jive
An early synonym for ‘party’ in Cuba, it became an essential dance in the ballroom from the 1930s. Of the five competitive international Latin dances, the rumba might be ...
Beginner's Rumba
For those craving to test their dancing abilities, you will have the chance to experiment with new competitive dance variations and choreography for a truly exciting expe...
Advance Latin
1 hr
These sessions allow dancers to develop technique and refine their muscle memory. It's not just choreography that but learning to train your body to use the right muscles...
Technique Class
1 hr
$25, Member: $20
Fri, Sun

ADVANCe YouR winning moves 

For students driven to push themselves into the next arena of DanceSport. Gear yourself towards high-level competition training. We believe in collaborating with our students to set long term goals, focusing on performance skills for a competitive field.


Get together with other competitors to rehearse choreography or receive personal styling advice from our DanceSport Champions. Solidify your floor craft and performance skill with our dedicated and award-winning instructors.