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Find out what's in store for you and the family


Let us give you something to commemorate the much-awaited reunions in this unique situation that the whole world is facing.


Join us on the 26th of July (Sunday) at 2 pm as we hope to bring a fun and all-accessible lesson for grandparents and parents to dance together with their loved ones.


We hope to bring something special to families and friends who are reuniting in such trying times. 

not all of us may be able to gather in the same place BUt we can bond over something Special - dancing together online

While we all take careful steps into this new way of living, we may not be able to meet or spend as much as we would like with everyone. TDA hopes to provide help and support in this transition by offering our speciality in dance to the masses.


Bond together as a family with new activities from home. Let us know what your needs are and as a team, TDA will do our best to organise a special dance lesson for you and your loved ones!

SAFE KEEP your familY's wellbeing & unity with team and partnership  dance exercises

Stay physically, mentally and emotionally healthy by working things out as a family. The lockdown with Covid-19 has shown us how important communication and bonding is to all of us. More often than not, these values start with the family unit. 


If you are interested in dance and fitness classes just for your family, TDA will work with you to find the best programme to suit your needs. Just let us know by calling, emailing or chatting with us!

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