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5 Important Tips to Your First Dance

The concept of a couple’s “First Dance” has long been a wedding tradition for many. Be it a Western or Eastern-themed wedding, Grooms and Brides have chosen to perform a dance in addition to the usual formalities. Though it can be stressful and nerve-wracking, many couples still choose to accept the challenge amidst the busy preparations leading to the big day. 

If the First Dance is something you have always wanted to do but you are stuck and clueless about how to get started, here are 5 tips to get your first steps going.

1. Music

The factor that drives it all. Traditional first dances are usually slow like the Rumba or the Waltz, but that does not mean the funky music that you have always loved should be shelved away. Music genres that you both love, songs when you first met should give you a head start in your choice. The key to unlocking the hearts of your audience is choosing the songs that speak about the relationship between the Bride and the Groom.

2. Dress

Now that you have picked that stunning dress for the grand entrance, will it be suitable for the dance? A ten-foot train or killer stilettos may potentially add “drama” to your performance, but that does not mean it is not possible. A well-thought choreography will keep these factors in mind but then again, isn’t it more exciting to have another outfit change? 

3. Choreography

Once you have your favourite song (or songs) picked, your instructor would have identified a suitable dance unless you have in mind a particular dance you would like to perform. Be it fast or slow, be open and discuss your wants and discomforts. Adding a lift or trick will definitely add that sparkle to your performance amidst the 'Oohs' and 'Ahs' from your family and friends.

4. Venue

Whether the wedding is held indoors or outdoors, your wedding vendor should be able to prepare a dance floor for you. If a proper parquet dance floor is unavailable, all is not lost. The vendor should present to you the options and an experienced instructor should be able to advise and help with the situation.

5. Instructors

Many dance schools offer Wedding Dance Packages. Speak to them and a great school will offer a pre-dance consultation to understand the clients’ needs. Prices for packages vary and since weddings are once a lifetime, you may wish to take some time to scout around before choosing the cheapest option. Ultimately, you should feel comfortable with your instructor, he or she will be orchestrating your entire performance with you.  Now that you have decided to take that first step, remember to practice, practice, practice. Don’t forget to enjoy the process and always remember:

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