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Paying it Forward

How did the Active Agers come about?

DanceSport, also known as Ballroom Dancing, is an activity that I have been involved for ¾ of my life.

Starting at the age of 9, I was training to be a competitive dancer - from a clueless beginner to a professional now.

While society shapes many of us to have a mindset focused on paper chasing, I winded down the road of making a career out of dance even though it was a profession often frown upon (especially back then).

Throughout my career, I have been truly blessed to have people around. People who support my growth as both a competitor and the instructor who I am today.

To the family who supported me financially, and friends who both respected and accepted that the time I had for gatherings was scarce - I am truly grateful for their understanding.

To the students who got enrolled in dancing, not by choice, I thank them for giving me a chance to share my passion!

Having retired from the competitive scene, the act of “Paying it Forward” has always been in my mind.

With this thought, we introduced the Active Agers class. This class welcomes participants ages 55 and above, gathering each week to mingle and for me to share the joy of dancing with them at no costs.

These Active Agers may not be aspiring DanceSport competitors or performers, but to see them smiling and having a great time warms my heart. This act of giving is nothing to shout about, but just a simple gesture to remind ourselves to be grateful.

As Mother Theresa once said, “There are no great things, only small things with great love”.
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