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Dark Tan Satin, 2.7-inch Flare Heel


A good pair of shoes are fundamental to your comfort and safety. When shoes do not provide adequate sufficient support for the feet, the body diverts the stresses elsewhere on the body resulting in pain in ankles, heels, knees, hips and the back.


A good pair of shoes can minimize these pains and lower the chances of getting common injuries. A good pair of shoes can also enhance your performance. The suede bottom on dance shoes provide a perfect balance between gripping the floor and gliding across smoothly and effortlessly. The flexibility of good quality leather allows for a greater range of motion in the feet.


"d.a.n.c.e p.a.s.s.i.o.n” by TDA, offers a wide range of affordable quality dance shoes for Men, Ladies and Kids. With its exquisite European designs and high-quality leather soles, it is definitely the dancers' choice.

DP Jade

  • Dark Tan Satin, 2.7-inch Flare Heel

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