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For girls AND boys 4 years and above! Start your little ones on the journey of DanceSport. Explore the basics of the Latin Dances in this fun and exciting introduction ...
Dancesport Kids Latin I
1 h
Jue, Sáb, Dom
For girls AND boys 6 years and above! With more emphasis on proper techniques and execution of dance steps, watch your child become a picture of grace and beauty with ou...
DanceSport Kids Latin II
1 h
For Ages 3 to 4 onwards! Unlock powerful imaginative tools through the exploration of creative movement. Children are at a stage where fundamental skills such as coordin...
Creative Movement
We focus on incorporating learning of the DanceSport Styles in a fun and easy method. Most importantly, dancing calls upon your child’s ability to coordinate his or her b...
DanceSport for Fun
1 h
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Kids Class Packages
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