Unlock your child's potential with an All-Rounded DanceSport education. DanceSport classes are a great hybrid between traditional sports and dance, its the perfect starting combination to nurture talent, fortitude and showmanship. Develop psychomotor skills and coordinated movements individually, with a partner and in a group.

DAncesport for fun

Kids of all ages love to dance and move, unlock their potential with TDA!

Adventure with the basics of Latin & Classical ballroom with this fun and exciting introduction to DanceSport. With an emphasis on music and rhythm appreciation, it's one unique experience to pick up social etiquette skills and build your child's confidence.

1 hr
For girls AND boys 6 years and above! With more emphasis on proper techniques and execution of dance steps, watch your child become a picture of grace and beauty with ou...
DanceSport Bronze
1 hr
For girls AND boys 4 years and above! Start your little ones on the journey of DanceSport. Explore the basics of the Latin Dances in this fun and exciting introduction ...
DanceSport Pre-Bronze
1 hr
$240 for 12 Sessions
Advance onto the next stage of professional DanceSport development with our Silver program. Based on the ISTD (Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing) International Lati...
DanceSport Silver
Starts Apr 4
Harness and refine the most advanced technique and style for national and international competitions. Once you have attained a high standard of technical accuracy, style ...
DanceSport Gold
Starts Apr 4





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Dancesport can be developed to fit the needs of schools in imparting holistic wellness. We take pride in our integral dance and fitness curriculum, choreographed to instil physical wellness, social skills, respect and self-esteem.

Many primary, secondary and tertiary institutions have started to sponsor ballroom dance clubs for a healthy physical outlet with inspiring prospects to build character and identity. Competitive DanceSport is on the rise at universities with an increase in social ballroom and street Latin dancing events over recent years.

Our instructors are ready to come in and coach students for physical education (P.E) classes or during school wellness days. 

Our programs are not only fun physically, socially and mentally for students but a starting point to develop teamwork and partnership skills applicable in academics and community service.


Perfect for your little ones to taste the passion of ballroom dance!

Not sure whether DanceSport or ballroom dance is suited for your child? Take him or her on this free lesson or consultation with our studio's very own principals to get settled in.

Kids Trial Consultation
30 min
Kids Group Trial Class
1 hr

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